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Beginners Pointe

  • 45 min
  • Upper Cheyne Row|The Hampshire School|Dulwich Village|Draycott Avenue

About This Class

In Cecchetti beginners pointe classes, ballet students who have reached the appropriate level of technical proficiency and strength are introduced to dancing on pointe. Pointe work requires specialized shoes and focuses on the development of strength, balance, and technique while dancing on the tips of the toes. Here are some key elements that ballet students typically learn in Cecchetti beginners pointe classes: Preparation Exercises: Students engage in exercises that specifically target the muscles and techniques required for pointe work. These exercises include strengthening the feet, ankles, legs, and core to support the body while dancing on pointe. Footwork and Pointe Technique: Students learn how to properly articulate their feet and work through demi-pointe and full pointe positions. They practice exercises such as releves, rises, and balancing exercises on pointe. Alignment and Posture: Students focus on maintaining proper alignment and posture while dancing on pointe. They work on aligning their legs, hips, and upper body, ensuring stability and correct placement. Transitions and Turns: Students practice transitioning between flat and pointe work, developing the ability to smoothly and seamlessly move in and out of pointe shoes. They also work on turns en pointe, including single pirouettes and simple turning combinations. Pointe Class Exercises: Students participate in a series of exercises specifically designed for pointe work. These exercises may include tendus, relevés, pas de bourrée, piqués, and small jumps executed on pointe. Strength and Conditioning: Students continue to strengthen their feet, ankles, and legs through targeted exercises and conditioning activities. They focus on building the necessary muscular strength to support the demands of pointe work. Balance and Control: Students work on improving their balance and control while on pointe. They practice maintaining stability and executing movements with grace and control. Injury Prevention and Foot Care: Students learn about proper foot care, including techniques for wrapping and padding their feet, as well as exercises and stretches to prevent injuries and maintain foot health.

Contact Details

  • 6 Upper Cheyne Row, London SW3 5JN, UK

    + 020 7351 4117

  • 15 Manresa Road, London SW3 6NB, UK

    + 020 7351 4117

  • St Barnabas Parish Hall, 23 Dulwich Village, London SE21 7BT, UK

    + 020 7351 4117

  • Marlborough Primary School, Draycott Avenue, London SW3 3AP, UK

    + 020 7351 4117

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