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Pre-School Ballet

Sparkle, twirl, and dance your way through preschool with enchanting ballet classes.

  • 1 hour
  • Upper Cheyne Row|The Hampshire School|Dulwich Village|Draycott Avenue

About This Class

Chelsea Ballet Schools adopts the esteemed Cecchetti method to nurture and develop our young dancers. Originating from Italy, this Classical Ballet technique provides a comprehensive and meticulously designed training system that accommodates students from early childhood to aspiring professionals and future teachers. In the Cecchetti syllabus, the Pre-Primary level serves as an introductory stage for young ballet students. It focuses on building a foundation of basic ballet technique, musicality, coordination, and creativity. Here are some key elements that ballet students typically learn in the Cecchetti Pre-Primary level: Basic Positions: Students learn the fundamental positions of the feet, arms, and head in ballet, such as first position, second position, and third position. Posture and Alignment: Students develop an understanding of proper posture and alignment in ballet. They learn how to maintain a lifted and elongated posture throughout their movements. Coordination and Motor Skills: Students engage in exercises to develop coordination, balance, and spatial awareness. They work on controlling their movements and executing simple steps with precision. Musicality and Rhythm: Students begin to develop an awareness of musicality, learning to move in time with the music and recognise different rhythms and tempos. Basic Ballet Steps: Students are introduced to basic ballet steps, such as pliés (bending of the knees), tendus (foot pointing and sliding on the floor), and releves (rising onto the balls of the feet). They learn these steps in a simplified manner suitable for young beginners. Creative Movement: Students participate in activities that encourage their creativity and imagination. They explore different ways of moving and express themselves through dance improvisation and storytelling exercises. Terminology: Students are introduced to basic ballet terminology, learning the names of positions, steps, and directions. They begin to associate the French terminology with the corresponding movements. Classroom Etiquette: Students learn the importance of discipline, focus, and respect within a ballet class setting. They understand the expectations for behaviour, listening to instructions, and working cooperatively with their peers.

Contact Details

  • 6 Upper Cheyne Row, London SW3 5JN, UK

    + 020 7351 4117

  • 15 Manresa Road, London SW3 6NB, UK

    + 020 7351 4117

  • St Barnabas Parish Hall, 23 Dulwich Village, London SE21 7BT, UK

    + 020 7351 4117

  • Marlborough Primary School, Draycott Avenue, London SW3 3AP, UK

    + 020 7351 4117

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