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Standard 3

Step into the world of ballet and ignite your passion with Cechetti Standard 3 classes.

  • Duration Varies
  • Upper Cheyne Row|The Hampshire School|Dulwich Village|Draycott Avenue

About This Class

In the Cecchetti syllabus, Standard 3 represents a progression in the technical and artistic development of ballet students. Here are some key elements that ballet students typically learn in Cecchetti Standard 3: Advanced Barre Exercises: Students continue to refine their barre technique, focusing on more intricate combinations and increased stamina. They work on exercises such as développés, grand battements, and multiple pirouettes at the barre. Centre Work: Students further develop their center work, which includes more complex adagio, pirouettes, allegro, and jumps. They work on expanding their vocabulary of steps and mastering more challenging combinations. Turns and Jumps: Students refine their turning technique, practicing multiple pirouettes, fouettés, and tours en l'air (turns in the air). They also work on jumps like grand jeté, cabriole, and tour jeté (leap). Allegro Combinations: Students learn more intricate and varied allegro combinations, incorporating beats, multiple jumps, and directional changes. They focus on precision, speed, and lightness in their movements. Artistic Expression: Students delve deeper into expressing emotion and storytelling through their dancing. They explore character work, developing the ability to portray different characters and styles of dance, such as waltz, polka, or character dances. Classical Variations: Students may be introduced to simplified excerpts from classical ballet variations, learning the choreography and style associated with iconic ballets. This allows them to experience the artistry and technical demands of classical repertoire. Partnering (Pas de Deux): Depending on the ballet school and program, students may start to learn the basics of partnering, including lifts, supported turns, and coordinated movements with a partner. Strength and Conditioning: Students continue to build strength, flexibility, and endurance through targeted exercises, stretching, and conditioning activities to support their technical progress. Performance Preparation: Students focus on stage presence, projection, and performance skills. They have opportunities to showcase their abilities in school performances or examinations. It's important to note that the specific curriculum and progression may vary slightly between different ballet schools, and your child's class is recommended by teachers after

Contact Details

  • 6 Upper Cheyne Row, London SW3 5JN, UK

  • 15 Manresa Road, London SW3 6NB, UK

  • St Barnabas Parish Hall, 23 Dulwich Village, London SE21 7BT, UK

  • Marlborough Primary School, Draycott Avenue, London SW3 3AP, UK

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